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About us


As you may have already guessed, BMS Project are a team of passionate individuals who love exploring this wonderful planet on our motorbikes! Whenever we get chance, we leave the shop to embark on a new set of experiences on our amazing vehicles.


Passion for motorbikes is a key part of who we are, and our staff are not recruited unless they share this level of passion. Our team are all fully trained to operate in most sides of the business (either the sales or training side) which means that whenever you get the opportunity to speak with a member of our staff, they will be happy to answer your questions, whatever they may be.


If you are as passionate about motorbikes as we are, you might consider joining our motorbike club. We are frequently spotted in our personalised motorbike leathers, riding around the country whilst enjoying new adventures. Contact us to hear more about our club.


Alternatively, if you are interested in opening a new branch of BMS Project, we would love to hear from you. Our aim is to have a branch in virtually every county across the UK.


Meet Our Team

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