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Speeding down the freeway with the wind blowing back into your face, there is nothing quite like the feeling of riding a motorbike. Donning your leathers and heading to the highway – the adrenaline builds as you overtake cars and other bikes with your clever skills! Getting home and cleaning your bike – it feels like another member of the family! You care for it, wash it, and feed it fuel – ensuring that it is ready for the next big adventure around Britain or Europe! Your motorbike, your pride and joy, your one true love! It is no wonder that people become addicted to motorbike buying.


BMS Project are one of the top companies in the industry when it comes to training new riders, and selling motorbikes. We feel privileged to work with motorbike lovers – the people that are arguably the most adventurous out of all the transport users anywhere. The people who know what it takes to hit the top speeds whilst skidding around corners. The people who are willing to take risks if it means hitting that adrenaline rush. The people who, let’s be honest, are a little obsessive about keeping their bikes clean when they are not normally bothered about keeping themselves clean! The people who live for the ride and cannot wait for the next one!


Where BMS Project stand out from the competition, is in our ability to provide the full package. Initially, we only worked in the motorbike training field – helping new riders to train and pass their riding tests. However, we realised that those people needed extra help – they needed to be able to match their specific riding style with the bikes that were on the market. After opening up a new section of the business in selling bikes, we have never looked back!


 Motorbike training


If you decide to train with BMS Project, you are choosing to train with people who have ridden motorbikes, at some of the grandest locations, for years! Our expert team of motorbike tutors are passionate about all things motorbike, and transcend that passion on to our customers. We love taking students out onto the road for the first time, helping them to negotiate the traffic and get used to the roads that they will be driving on. Our service allows you to take advantage of our passion, as we are more than happy to ride out to your addresses, to collect you for your lessons. It might be interesting for you to know more about Motorbike training at https://www.luckyloans.co.uk/.


Having collected you, we then let you tell us which roads you are likely to be riding on after you pass your test. This allows you to get used to the environments that will become most common to you after passing. Our lessons are generally an hour long, although you can choose to book our instructors for a longer time period if required.


Not only are we happy to teach you the tricks of the road, but we are also serious when it comes to road safety. Before we set out on the road for you, we ensure that you are aware of the safety requirements when it comes to riding a motorbike. All of our customers must have safety helmets which are fitted to their unique requirements, and need to watch a set of videos with our instructors, to learn about the most common types of hazards on British roads today.


After this formality is completed, we are then ready to take you out on the road! All of our instructors are experts at telling you the requirements for passing your motorcycle test, and will train you up to give you the best chance of passing, when you are ready.


Motorbike sales


After you have trained with us, we will have a good idea of the type of bike that you are after. We work with a range of motorcycle manufacturers across the world to ensure that we keep up to date with new bikes on the market, and we can then suggest the best type of bike for your purpose. Due to the effective working relationships that we have with our suppliers, we can then give a fantastic price for a new or used bike, based around what you want. Our sales team will guide you through every step of the journey – ensuring that you understand the key elements of bike purchasing, and are fully trained in maintaining your bike, after purchase. Every rider is unique in their style and their tastes, and our objective is to ensure that you buy a bike that you love and ride for years to come!


Even if you did not train with BMS Project, our range of motorbikes available for sale is still sure to suit your requirements. If you need extra help, learning about bike maintenance and the types of things you should look for when buying a bike, we are happy to help you with this.

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